The LEGO Foundation argues for education rethink

With coronavirus raising questions about how education could be reshaped, the LEGO Foundation has shared a letter published in the Financial Times.

Coronavirus has impacted education around the world, with schools, colleges and universities closed. A recent feature in the Financial Times continued to add to the conversation, questioning the need for assessments at all given that many are being cancelled due to the current disruption.

The LEGO Foundation CEO John Goodwin has written to the newspaper going even further: “We instead propose rethinking education in its totality — using this unparalleled time to fundamentally re-evaluate what and how we’re teaching our students.

“While we recognise the important role assessments play in education, they too often differentiate high and low performing students at a point in time that then establishes winner and loser trajectories for life. This creates a limited purview of learning, achievement and the unique potential of every child and young adult.”

Instead, Goodwin continues to advance the organisation’s argument for play based learning: “Learner-focused, play-based pedagogy that fosters skills including creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, alongside traditional academic skills, is key to developing students who can better navigate our complex world and become our next generation of leaders.”

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