The LEGO Foundation supports pandemic ebook for children

A free ebook intended to help children cope with the coronavirus pandemic has been launched with support from The LEGO Foundation.

Children are particularly likely to be struggling with their response the coronavirus pandemic, with their emotional wellbeing at risk due to the big shifts in their lives. To help them through this time and provide parents with a resource, teachers Armand Doucet and Elisa Guerra have co-authored Hope, where are you? to help guide and support children.

The book has been backed by the LEGO Foundation, the World Economic Forum reports, and includes six stories about different children coping with the pandemic around the world.

Hope Where Are You Now

“The book aims to portray the voices of children and their particular stories during the pandemic,” says Guerra. “It showcases how we face different problems amidst the pandemic and how human connection brings us closer to finding hope. A teacher, a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a friend, a neighbour, and even yourself: there is always someone that can help you get through difficult times.”

“We are hoping that teachers can use this book to help have those difficult discussions, start a conversation of hope, talk about global citizenship in  relation to their own personal stories, hope for their community and so much more”, says Doucet. “The book is designed to mean different things for different groups in different contexts and that’s exactly what we want, for it to be used the way that works best for everyone.”

The free e-book is available in 30 languages, with the LEGO Foundation also providing free play activities that tie in to the book.


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