The LEGO Group comments on terrorist themed knock-offs

After a terrorism themed construction toy has been doing the rounds online, the LEGO Group has provided an official statement to distance the company from the unusual product.

With the many twists and turns the Chinese LEGO bootleg market brings, be that stealing fan designs or partnering with prolific AFOLs, it never ceases to surprise as recently circulated images show, that depict a LEGO knock-off product based on terrorist group ISIS.

250617terroristknockoffs was given a response by the LEGO Group:

Lego spokesperson Camilla Pedersen was keen to stress to that the toys have nothing to do with them.

“The product is not a LEGO® product – nor are the bricks in the set LEGO bricks. As a company dedicated to inspiring and developing children, we would naturally never make a product like this,” Pedersen told in a statement.

The Falcon Commandos products, that include the words ‘Allah’ on the accessories so clearly intend to reflect real world events, are available to buy from an extremely prominent Chinese selling platform that offers a variety of imitation products. notes that the products can be purchased in Malaysia for less than $2.

Many of the parts in the sets are clearly direct copies of LEGO elements. The LEGO Group are currently pursuing Lepin in China for infringing on the company’s trademarks.


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