The LEGO Group has updated its online returns policy

A change has been spotted on the official online LEGO store that should make it a lot easier to return any problematic purchases at a time where customer service is too busy.

It appears that the LEGO Group has updated the system it uses to process returns to reflect the increased demand for customer service, and purchases being made online.

StoneWars was the first to spot the change, and have reported seeing an added button to some orders that they had made, at least in their regional online store. The LEGO Group follows various retail guidelines and allows a 14-day statutory withdrawal period with an extended right of return to up to 90 days after the order. During this period before the change, any orders could be cancelled in accordance with the statutory withdrawal period by contacting customer service.

LEGO online store new returns
Image: StoneWars

However, with more orders being made online due to people worldwide forced to stay indoors, the LEGO Group’s customer service has been made busier in resolving issues and queries. To assist with this, a button has been added that will automatically cancel any order when clicked. However, if a purchase is on its way to you it will create a return for you, without needing to contact customer service.

Curiously, StoneWars reported seeing that some of these orders were not eligible for the new return system and investigated to discover that per the online store’s terms and conditions it is only possible with orders using a credit card, PayPal, ApplePay or Google Pay. Transactions made with other methods of purchase will need to contact customer service just like before.

There’s been no official announcement regarding this change and we can’t spot it on the UK version of the store but it does appear to be active in the US. It’s no doubt a welcome sight for those eligible given the current situation. Hopefully, this change will make its way to other regions as a new range of LEGO sets and offers is on the horizon, meaning more orders will no doubt be made soon.

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