The LEGO Group increases advertising spend with Amazon

More of the LEGO Group’s search advertising efforts are being put into Amazon as well as Google.

As online retail and voice assistant products become more important, the LEGO Group is increasing the attention it pays to them, in an entirely different landscape to traditional marketing. Now, the company is giving more attention to Amazon, as well as focusing on Google.

“[Spending on] Amazon ads has increased over the last three years, and it does a job for us now that it didn’t do before,” Luis Navarrete Gómez, Head of Global Search Marketing, told Digiday. “If Amazon keeps growing consistently, then its role will become more important.”

The growth is from a low starting point, but the LEGO Group has already invested in an Amazon store and Alexa functionality. Store pages are considered important as it allows the brand to control the consumer experience, and omits any other product adverts from the page.

Although Amazon is becoming more important, the brick purveyors will follow the consumers to wherever they are choosing to shop. “Whether it’s Amazon, Argos or Walmart, we don’t see any retail platform that we work with as competitors because we respect what the user’s preference is and try to offer them the best products for that particular experience,” Gómez said.

According to the piece, the LEGO Group’s attention to marketing with retailers is a reaction to last year’s fall in sales.


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