The LEGO Group makes hundreds of employees redundant

Today saw the LEGO Group make hundreds of employees redundant.

Staff based at the heart of the LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark, were informed today that they would be let go. With the growth that has marked the last decade at the company coming to a halt, the decision was made some time ago to cut 1,800 people. After weeks of uncertainty, employees who will be leaving the LEGO Group have been made aware of the decision.

While it is always exciting to hear about the latest products from the LEGO Group and speculate about what might be coming down the pipeline, it is worth taking time to remember that dedicated, passionate employees work to bring fans the LEGO experiences that is the basis of that fandom. And on a day like today, employees who have worked hard and often realised a dream to work for the LEGO Group, are being made redundant due to decisions that they did not make.

More news will be shared as it becomes available.


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