The LEGO Group provides advice on safe online shopping

The LEGO Group is providing advice on how to spot scam websites masquerading as LEGO shops.

In recent months, the LEGO Group has become aware of websites masquerading as official LEGO stores. The practice has been going on for two years at the very least, but with the company paying more attention there is now material to share.

Some shoppers have unfortunately been taken in by these scam websites, so the LEGO AFOL Engagement Team has shared advice on how to avoid being tricked into buying non-existent products from dodgy websites.

It’s common sense advice – if prices are too good to be true, they probably are, and it’s best to buy from reputable retailers rather than sites with misspellings and unclear ownership. But it’s provided in a handy graphic:

How to spot a fake LEGO webstore

Here are the tips, provided by the LEGO Group, in text format:

  1. Look closely at the contents of the site. Spend time looking at the entire website before purchasing anything. Check for incorrect language, fake consumer services addresses, terms and conditions for returns, privacy policy etc. If you are still in doubt after doing this, try calling the company if a phone number is provided on the page. Often, the phone numbers on fake webstores do not exist or they do not answer calls.

  2. Be cautious of very low prices. When you see very low prices being offered on LEGO products, it may be a fake webstore that uses the tactic to lure you in to either buy fake LEGO sets or simply take your money.

  3. Pay with debit or credit card. When buying a LEGO product online, a credit or debit card will often provide greater protection if you’re unfortunate enough to buy fake or non-existent products.

  4. Check customer reviews. Look at various websites that collect customer reviews – use multiple sources. Check websites that alert about current scam sites.

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