The LEGO Group responds to new VIP scheme complaints

LEGO fans have been letting the LEGO Group know about the various problems with the refreshed VIP scheme – and the company has now responded.

In a statement from a LEGO Group spokesperson, it has been confirmed that there have been issues with the refreshed LEGO VIP scheme that has seen the classic points translating into discounts change into a more typical points convert to rewards model.

“I acknowledge that there have been some challenges with the rollout and we are working to address those challenges as quickly as possible however these first steps were needed to put us on the right path to delivering a program that provides more value,” the statement shared with LEGO Ambassadors says.

One of the issues that fans have encountered is that different languages have not been taken into account, with Google translate seemingly used rather than a qualified translator. According to the LEGO Group: “We will feedback into the translation team and look to have it resolved.”

Another complaint is that that ‘Wanted lists’ have disappeared since the changeover. The response is: “I believe the team responsible for this is looking into the issue.”

The most common query is that the Reward Centre now requires fans to ‘buy’ a money off voucher using VIP points before being able to redeem them against purchases – the previous system simply allowed fans to knock accumulated money off at the point of checkout. Once a voucher is ‘purchases’, it must be used within 30 days:

“Once points are converted they need to be used within the validity window. If a code expires the value will be lost. Online vouchers are delivered instantaneously and via email. Instore discounts are currently applied to your account in near real-time. You can redeem on your mobile device while in store and it will be ready waiting for you as you checkout.”

LEGO VIP vouchers

There is a – fairly vague – nod towards improving the system going forward:

“The new system requires you to choose where you want to redeem points. There are a number of reasons for this including some requirements to support future expansion of the program. Now that the new system is in place, teams are working on ways to make the process easier.”

One question asked if the 30 day time limit could be increased:

“We are currently discussing the options here. We were able to extend point identify [sic] but there are a number of complications with extending the discounts once redeemed. We will continue the discussions and let you know of any changes.”

While some of the changes in the scheme offer fans a new way to get exclusive items, some seem to be making it more hassle to spend points in the traditional way. With language issues also causing problems for some non-English speaking territories, it seems there is room for improvement in the new VIP Reward Centre.

Where will the LEGO VIP program go from here? Have readers experienced problems with the new system? Share your thoughts with Brick Fanatics on social media.

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