The LEGO Group sets ambitious new green targets

Following the recent news that the LEGO Group had achieved the goal of working exclusively from renewable energy three years early, the company has now set additional goals improve its sustainability.

Business Green reports that the plastic brick behemoth is now intending to improve CO2 efficiency by 10% per brick (a slightly unclear measure), as well as cutting emissions in the supply chain. The target has been reached with the assistance of WWF, as part of a partnership in which the LEGO Group reduces its environmental footprint and educates children about the importance of sustainability.

Chief Financial Officer Marjorie Lao told the website that the WWE, ‘challenge us to think differently about how we operate’.

“We have made solid progress balancing 100 per cent of our energy consumption with renewables, but we know there is more to do to make the production of Lego bricks more sustainable, especially in reducing CO2 emissions from our factories and the entire supply chain,” said Lao.

Continuing to work towards sustainability goals will be key to the LEGO brand maintaining a reputation for sound ethics. The ongoing partnership with WWE will form a key part of that.


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