The LEGO Group teases Nintendo NES set

A new LEGO set has been teased that seems very likely to be the NES, another product from the collaboration between the LEGO Group and Nintendo.

The LEGO Group and Nintendo have collaborated on Super Mario, a unique product range that brings a video game experience to the brick. A new tease on social media suggests that the next set from the team up will be the beloved console, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

In this video, a silhouetted image shows what is clearly an old fashioned television set and the distinctive shape of the NES console.

LEGO NES tease

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Despite a huge amount of secrecy around LEGO Nintendo products, word of the product – that is likely to be a and LEGO Store exclusive – is being spread through social media.

Fans of classic gaming will be delighted, as this product seems closer to what adult LEGO enthusiasts are looking for than Super Mario. In an exclusive interview with Brick Fanatics, LEGO Design Manager Jonathan Bennink revealed how the LEGO Group and Nintendo came to collaborate.

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