The LEGO Group’s Bricklink acquisition ‘not motivated by money’

It has been confirmed that the LEGO Group has not acquired Bricklink for financial reasons.

Since the news broke yesterday that the LEGO Group has acquired Bricklink, fans have had many questions and LEGO representatives have been answering with the limited information that is allowed to be shared publicly.

One statement has illuminated things slightly, which is that the LEGO Group is not buying Bricklink for financial reasons:

Sorry for not being more clear – what I can say is the motivation for this acquisition is not related to money at all. It is about strengthening our connection with the large and growing adult fan community – who are important to long-term success. This is a benefit of being privately owned – we can take a long-term view.

Beyond that though, the advice is for LEGO fans to remain patient as there is a lot of information that cannot be shared at present:

We don’t yet have details we can share on the future of BrickLink, but we want to keep independent spirit that has made BrickLink great. I do realize these are just words right now however, the community needs to see it to believe it – so please be patient until closing has completed.

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One thought on “The LEGO Group’s Bricklink acquisition ‘not motivated by money’

  • 27/11/2019 at 10:20

    “It’s not related to money”.

    “But we just want to keep the price of the bricks high”.


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