The LEGO Group’s social media showcases soothing desktop builds

The LEGO Group’s social media accounts have showcased a number of ideas for making simple and soothing desktop builds.

If you’re having a stressful day at work and are looking for an easy way to unwind, then the LEGO Group may have a solution for you. The LEGO Group’s social media accounts have released a short video today showcasing a number of simple models to make that could help you to really relax.

Three Desktop Fidget Builds are highlighted in the video, including Fidget Spinners, the Button and an Infinity Cube. Each model uses fairly standard pieces that should ideally be in most LEGO builder’s collections. The video quickly whizzes through how to make each creation, with only a quick tap of your finger required to pause each stage of assembly. Although the models shown use just three colours (brown, white and gold), you could certainly use any suitable pieces that you have to hand.

The Fidget Spinner does what is says on the tin, with a quick flick of your finger sending it twirling. We could see the Button being quite addictive, as you attempt to press it over and over again like a clicking madman. Finally, there’s the Infinity Cube for the more puzzle-minded out there to attempt to solve.

Check out the LEGO Group’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts now to watch the video and discover how to make your own relaxing desktop builds.

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