The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set will introduce a brand new piece

The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld has been confirmed to contain at least one new piece by a LEGO Designer, as another set for the theme that expands the element library.

Following the first teaser for the upcoming LEGO Ideas set yesterday, LEGO Designer Samuel Johnson has confirmed what we seemed to spot, the new model will include a fresh hair piece – likely the one pictured on the centre minfigure for Jerry Seinfeld.

From what we can see, the other four bricks used for the minifigure’s hair are existing pieces so the centre brick stands the best chance at being this new piece. This won’t be the first LEGO Ideas set to introduce a new piece though as 21324 123 Sesame Street brought quite a few into the wider element library with one for almost every character.

The confirmation will only help to excite Seinfeld fans eagerly waiting to see more of the set and to be clear, the featured image depicts the original fan design and isn’t reflective of the final model.

So far, everything we know about the LEGO Ideas Seinfeld model is that it will include at least the five teased minifigures and at least one new brick. The original fan build portrayed the main character’s apartment and it seems likely that the official set will do the same.

We’ll be sure to let you know we find out more as based on past teases for other builds, we’re probably just a few days away from either an official reveal or more information.

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