The LEGO Ideas team spotted the Motorized Lighthouse before it had even reached 10K

The LEGO Ideas designers have revealed that they scoped out the newly-approved Motorized Lighthouse before it had even reached the review stage.

Announced today as the only project to get the green light in the third 2020 review, Sandro Quattrini’s Motorized Lighthouse has been on the Ideas crew’s radar for a long time. Speaking to LEGO Fan Media (including Brick Fanatics) in a recent roundtable session, Senior Marketing Manager Monica Pedersen explained that the concept stood out to the team while it was still gathering support.

“It’s getting tougher and tougher for us to pick, but I think what made this one stand out to the many, many awesome creations [is that] there was something grandiose about the lighthouse,” she said. “We [spotted] it pretty early on. Even before the review closed, we were saying, ‘Wow, that’s an amazing build.’

“We often say that – just to be clear – because we’re so impressed with the things that the community builds. But it was just really, really impressive, and we think we can do great things with it.”

We’ll have to wait until Sandro’s model hits shelves as an official set to see those ‘great things’ play out in reality, but LEGO Ideas Design Manager Sam Johnson has already teased the team plans to bring ‘something exceptional’ to the table. You can read more about what to expect from the Motorized Lighthouse here.

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    I really hope this becomes a set I will buy it for sure


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