The LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary – New Edition out now with Teen Wu exclusive minfigure

The LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary – New Edition is available now and includes an exclusive Teen Wu minifigure.

Fans can now buy the latest LEGO NINJAGO book, The LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary – New Edition from Amazon and other booksellers. It is packed with information about the dense and complex storyline that features the beloved ninja who practice the art of Spinjitzu, with almost a decade of LEGO sets to draw on.

LEGO collectors will be keen to know that the exclusive minifigure packed in with the book is Teen Wu, a version of the venerable Master Wu when he was a much younger ninja.

Here is the official synopsis for The LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary – New Edition:

Meet the skilled ninja and their loyal teach, Master Wu, the Sons of Garmadon and the ninja’s fearsome dragons.
Explore the secrets of NINJAGO City, the Temple of Resurrection, Garmadon’s volcano lair, Destiny’s Bounty and the Ninja Nightcrawler.
Discover the minifigures’ amazing weapons and mechs, how LEGO NINJAGO set are created, and much more!

A whole wave of LEGO NINJAGO sets launched this summer:

70671 Lloyd’s Journey
70672 Cole’s Dirt Bike
70673 ShuriCopter
70674 Fire Fang
70675 Katana 4×4
70676 Lloyd’s Titan Mech
70677 Land Bounty
70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor
70681 Spinjitzu Slam – Lloyd
70682 Spinjitzu Slam – Jay
70683 Spinjitzu Slam – Zane
70684 Spinjitzu Slam – Kai vs. Samurai

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