The next LEGO Ideas set might just be an American Classic

Another LEGO Ideas set has reached the required support to pass through to the review stage, and this time it’s a classic American pick-up truck.

The GMC – Blue Chip 100 [1957] is the latest LEGO Ideas project to reach the fabled 10,000 supports it needs to potentially become a real set. The project proposes a scale model of the classic American vehicle.

Ing-Manuel, who designed the project, details the model on the product idea page. The build consists of a single red or blue version of the pick-up truck with chrome pieces accenting the paint job.

GMC Blue Chip 100 1957 full

Proposed functions include opening doors, an opening hood as well as working steering. Beneath the hood is a detailed engine with more chrome pieces. Underneath the truck, the engine leads to the exhaust via a suspended series of pipes. Should this project be picked, it would make the first pick-up truck to join the LEGO Group’s offering of large-scale vehicles.

The GMC – Blue Chip 100 [1957] is the 24th project in the current round of the LEGO Ideas review, with the other projects including:

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The Little Venice
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Spirited Away
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Red Dwarf Starbug
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Gravity Falls: The Mystery Shack
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Brick Town Police Station
Milwaukee Art Museum
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Colosseum (Architecture Style)

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