The One Where 10292 The Friends Apartments is Available Now

The LEGO Group has made a lot of Friends fans’ dreams come true with the release of 10292 The Friends Apartments.

After the storming success of 21319 Central Perk, the LEGO Group designers have added to the mini collection of Friends-themed sets with a new build that’s almost twice the size. This time, fans of the show can head upstairs to the two apartments where most of the TV show’s action takes place.

10292 The Friends Apartments is packed full of hilarious references to the show, as well as a few missing ones that we picked up on. The attention to detail is pretty impressive throughout, with a lot for seasoned fans of the series to notice as they build. Just like the first set, it’s designed like a TV stage, with heavy-duty lights positioned at the corners.

LEGO Creator Expert 10292 Friends Apartments review 63

This is one of many sets released recently that is directly marketed towards AFOL. It’s likely to be the last one we see directly based on Friends, but the LEGO Group are sure to have more plans for 18+ sets. It seems older LEGO builders will have plenty to keep them busy.

With new minifigure designs for all the characters, it’s well worth picking up even if you’ve already got 21319 Central Perk. You can pick up 10292 The Friends Apartments in store and online for £134.99 / $149.99 / €149.99, or if you’re still not convinced, check out our review here.

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