The seven biggest LEGO castle sets ever made

LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is the latest fortress model to be released, but it’s not quite the biggest official LEGO castle ever made.


With dozens of LEGO Ideas projects dedicated to brick-built castles, multiple medieval themes and new models that pay homage to the golden days of LEGO Castle, it’s safe to say that the LEGO Group has a liking for these structures, and these are the biggest castle sets so far.

These won’t just be sets from the classic Castle theme, but any brick-built fortress based on licensed properties, original ideas and more. With that said, here are the seven biggest LEGO castle sets ever released in order of piece count.

7 – 9474 The Battle of Helm’s Deep

LEGO Lord of the rings 9474 The Battle of Helms Deep

With 1,368 pieces, this classic Lord of the Rings model featured the main section, a stretch of wall and a tower to recreate scenes from the movies, though it had a somewhat sparse interior.

6 – 70357 Knighton Castle

70357 1

Nexo Knights is one of the more interesting themes on this list, combining a medieval society with futuristic technology and magic, and that’s reflected in the kingdom’s castle which even features a spaceship as the main spire. 70357 Knighton Castles includes 1,426 pieces

5 – 31120 Medieval Castle

31120 Medieval Castle Creator 3 in 1

Tied with 70357 Knighton Castle is 31120 Medieval Castle at 31120 Medieval Castle, though this set has a more traditional look, with grey walls and the ability to fold up into a complete fortress. The Black Falcons also make an appearance in 31120 Medieval Castle.

4 – 43197 The Ice Castle

43197 7

Based on the fortress from Frozen, this LEGO Disney set is made up of 1,709 pieces and features mini-dolls of characters from the franchise instead of minifigures. It’s also one of the tallest builds on this list.

3 – 71040 The Disney Castle


Jumping to 4,080 pieces, the list comes to 71040 The Disney Castle next. It’s inspired by the theme park and movie icon with references to several stories from Disney history and rare minifigures.

2 – 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

10305 Front 01

Launching for the 90th anniversary of the LEGO Group in August 2022, 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is a modern-day model in the classic Castle theme, complete with 22 minifigures and one of the most detailed fortresses to date. However, it’s not the biggest by piece count.

1 – 71043 Hogwarts Castle

LEGO Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle contents

With 6,020 pieces, 71043 Hogwarts Castle is the biggest LEGO castle model ever released in terms of pieces. It’s not depicted at minifigure-scale like the rest of this list though, as it features miniature scene recreations from across the Harry Potter films.

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