Brick Fanatics LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – December 1

Brick Fanatics presents 24 exclusive builds from a galaxy far, fay away for you this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

There’s not a lot wrong with the LEGO Group’s official advent calendars released each year. Receiving a selection of minifigures and builds, small and microscale, spread across the first 24 days of December has always felt good value, with some great building ideas often packed behind those doors.

The LEGO advent calendar’s simple philosophy of offering quick, accessible builds using parts already in many a LEGO fan’s collection serves as a great window into the creativity and potential that the brick can offer.

Years of loving that same basic approach has finally inspired me to put together my own, far more humble, collection of 24 builds, to act as Brick Fanatics’ first ever unofficial LEGO advent calendar. So, for the next three-and-a-half weeks, please enjoy what we can offer you. Hopefully something you see here will make you smile or even inspire you to build something yourself. Enjoy!

They are all Star Wars themed, by the way.011216slavei

December 1 – Slave I

From the LEGO Group’s earliest versions of Boba Fett’s ship in microscale form, there’s never been a great deal needed to be changed with the official design of of the Slave I. However, this year, both the LEGO Group and I have been inspired to try our hand at a slight redesign.

I spent a while experimenting on the best effect for the curvature of the cockpit and also the armoured housing/sloped boarding ramp, and in the end went for a rather simplistic approach.

This was ultimately because my priority in this design was scale, colour and offering a different way to build the ship compared with the LEGO Group’s previous microscale versions, which we can probably all build now with our eyes closed.


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