There’s an upside to the price increases on LEGO sets

After the reveal that the LEGO Group are raising the prices of huge and smaller sets for 2022, there may be an advantage to the cost adjustments.

Changes have been made to costs on the official online LEGO store as the LEGO Group have raised and lowered the prices for many models, including many that were some of the largest that are currently available, and are out of stock around the world.

While the exact reason for this update is unclear, though may tie back to an official statement made last year, it’s not all bad news for anyone hoping to grab any of the sets affected my adjustments as there is one advantage to the higher prices on sets exclusive to – more VIP points.

For the unfamiliar, VIP points are part of the free LEGO VIP program and are earned alongside purchases from the online store and physical locations, equal to the amount you spend. These points can then go towards various rewards including money off future orders.

With increased costs for sets such as 75192 Millennium Falcon, which has gone £649.99 to £699.99 in the UK, it means that the VIP points total for that model has raised to 5600, around 400 more than it was previously. Double VIP events will also mean that the builds are worth more than ever before too.

However, the reverse of this is also true as those sets that have decreased in price, including 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, are now worth fewer VIP points than before the change. How much you can benefit from the adjustments as a member of the VIP program will depend on what you are planning to purchase next.

This isn’t the only update to prices on LEGO from January 2 as UK stores are raising the costs of Pick a Brick cups by up to 25%.

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    thats an ‘upside’? silly article


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