This LEGO Ideas 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V is a rare copy of the set

A fan of LEGO Ideas has taken their love of space to the next level by not only buying 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V but by having it signed by a leading figure in the industry.

Is your copy of LEGO Ideas 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V signed by the Chief Executive Officer of a spacefaring company? A Twitter user who goes under the name of Austin B took to the platform to show off part of their LEGO collection.

The side panel bricks of the LEGO Saturn V have been signed by Tory Bruno of the United Launch Alliance, a launch service provider that assists in getting other projects into orbit. Those wondering how Austin managed to get this signature on the set might be surprised to hear how this model made its way into Tory’s hands.

In a responding Tweet, the CEO confirmed that this was signed by himself, and noted that the LEGO set was mailed to his office for the signature, showing how far Austin went for the personal touch. In return for this extra effort, the build was returned with a stylish signature as well as a collection of stickers.

Anyone wanting to get a copy of 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V signed by someone important to them in the space industry might need to act quick as the LEGO Ideas model is one of a few scheduled to retire by the end of the year, and considering that the set is already a re-release of a retired fan-inspired build, another launch seems unlikely for the spacefaring structure.

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