This LEGO Star Wars set may jump in value thanks to The Mandalorian

A long-retired LEGO Star Wars UCS set may be about to jump in value on the aftermarket, thanks to the latest episode of The Mandalorian.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian yet, turn away now: this post contains spoilers. That’s Chapter 14, which we’ll also refrain from naming, because the name in itself is technically a spoiler. You’ve been warned.

The hit Disney+ series has done a phenomenal job of bringing together all three Star Wars trilogies, in both its narrative and its characters. This second season has mostly focused on the latter, though, with guest appearances from the likes of Bo Katan, Ahsoka Tano, and one very famous bounty hunter.

We’re referring to Boba Fett, of course, who popped up all the way back in Chapter 9, The Marshal. We only got a brief glimpse of a heavily-scarred Temuera Morrison in that episode, before Mando and Grogu high-tailed it out of Tatooine. But as it turns out, Boba’s been trailing our dynamic duo for the entire season – and he finally caught up to them in Chapter 14.

Mandalorian Slave I e1607269236557

As Mando waited for Grogu to do his thing on Tython’s mysterious seeing stone, a very familiar ship zoomed overhead. It wasn’t familiar to Din Djarin, of course, who took serious alarm at its presence. But as audience members, we knew exactly who was in the cockpit of Slave I.

In the events that followed, The Mandalorian finally made good on Boba Fett’s legendary reputation from the original Star Wars trilogy. Watching the bounty hunter brutally splintering Stormtrooper armour felt like something from an entirely different show, thanks in part to Robert Rodriguez’s no-holds-barred direction. But it was also ridiculously satisfying, legitimising Boba’s status as one of the coolest Star Wars characters around.

It wasn’t just on the ground where Boba Fett made an impact – and seeing him pilot Slave I again is exactly the kind of thing that could make people desperate for an ultimate LEGO rendition of the iconic ship. Fortunately, that model already exists in the Ultimate Collector Series set 75060 Slave I. Rather unfortunately, it also left around two years ago. Your only option now is to grab it on the aftermarket.

75060 Slave I 1

If you do want to pick up the 1,996-piece set – and you should, because it’s absolutely incredible – you’re probably better off acting sooner rather than later. With Boba’s reappearance in The Mandalorian, chances are good that 75060 Slave I is going to skyrocket in popularity. And when it does, the secondary market price will surely balloon in turn.

The cheapest sealed copy from UK sellers on BrickLink is currently £289.99, a whopping £110 above its original RRP. But if The Mandalorian does have any impact on the value of LEGO sets, expect it to climb even higher.

Of course, if you just want any rendition of Boba’s ship, there’s always 75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition, which launched just last year. Sadly, it’s also already retired, having bowed out from in late October. (Talk about poor timing.) Still, it’s a touch cheaper on BrickLink than its bigger brother, with the cheapest copy in the UK ringing in at £129.99.

LEGO Star Wars 75243 Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition review main

If both of those are out of your price range, don’t worry: the LEGO Group loves Slave I too, so we’ll probably see another version soon. And who knows – it may even include Mando himself…

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