This new LEGO CITY set offers a lesson in building clown shoes

One of this year’s LEGO CITY Stuntz sets features a brilliant lesson in building minifigure-scale clown shoes, which isn’t a sentence you hear every day.

Among 60294 Stunt Show Truck’s four minifigures is what can only be described as a scuba-diving clown, ready to be knocked into a truck-mounted dunk tank by a flywheel-powered stunt bike. (Yes, that’s a genuine description of everything on offer in this 420-piece set.)

It’s a suitably wacky premise for the new subtheme, and one that’s made all the better by the LEGO Group’s solution for giving the clown its stereotypical oversized shoes. A couple of 1×2 rounded plates and 1×1 half-circle tiles are all that’s necessary to indicate that this minifigure is definitely a clown. (You know, just in case the face print didn’t give it away.)

LEGO CITY 60294 Stunt Show Truck 4

The LEGO CITY theme is rarely notable for its intriguing builds, but the Stuntz subtheme looks to bring something genuinely new to the table across the board. That’s mainly through the flywheel technology powering its motorbike elements, but also in fun details like these clown shoes.

Check out the full range of LEGO CITY Stuntz sets by clicking here. 60294 Stunt Show Truck will launch alongside nine other products – including six pocket money-priced stunt bikes, one of which features the return of a classic LEGO video game icon – on October 1.

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