This Star Wars build is the perfect LEGO base for rebel scum

A new fan-made build is imagining what an official Yavin IV LEGO Star Wars set could look like, complete with Starfighter, droids and plenty of troublesome Rebels.

The latest model from LEGO YouTuber hachiroku24 has tackled an intergalactic location that will please Star Wars builders waiting for an official Rebel base set.

The planet of Yavin IV is home to ancient temples, lush jungles and a whole fleet of Starfighters ready to take down the Empire. This build visits a portion of the destination with the exterior of a Y-Wing hangar.

The YouTuber notes that this version of the classic ship is depicted in a Chibi style, but the size and scale are both enough to fit onto the diorama stand and fool any unsuspecting TIE Fighter pilots that it’s a full-size Y-Wing.

The stonework on the staircase-like temple cutout makes good use of tan and sand green brick pieces as well as plenty of LEGO Foliage. The construction is also stable enough to have an overhanging section, adding to the diorama.

Yavin IV is one of the few locations that the LEGO Star Wars team have yet to touch, apart from a brief appearance in 9677: X-wing Starfighter & Yavin 4. This build has us wondering what an official version could look like. In the meantime, the rest of the year looks to be full of exciting sets themed to The Mandalorian and more.

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