This Star Wars: The Mandalorian scene is just as terrifying in LEGO bricks

A talented builder has recreated a disturbing scene from Star Wars: The Mandalorian in LEGO bricks, using lighting effects to amplify their build.

Spoilers follow for The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger.

The Mandalorian Chapter 10 sees the titular character, The Child and the frog passenger arrive on the snow- and ice-covered planet of Maldo Kreis after a high-speed chase with two New Republic pilots.

After their froggy friend disappears, Din Djarin and The Child go searching for their missing passenger, only to find a hot spring surrounded by the eggs of a Krykna. These eggs soon burst, releasing the newborn Krykna inside – which then begin to swarm the Razor Crest’s crew.

Redditor FirstOrderLego has recreated the terrifying scene that follows, with Din Djarin protecting The Child and the jar of the frog passenger’s eggs using his flamethrower and blaster. The builder has made use of various pieces to capture the unique design of the Krykna, including skeleton arms, helmets, bananas and even the green remains of a defeated Krykna in the background.

The use of lighting effects helps provide a glow to the flames and eggs while also providing a cool blue effect to the icy landscape, mimicking the atmosphere of the episode. FirstOrderLego went into further detail on this incredible build on their YouTube channel, providing a clear look at the Krykna and rockwork before the lighting is changed.

This incredible build recreates one of the most exciting scenes from Chapter 10, while also making use of unusual pieces and techniques. For more on The Mandalorian, why not check out our own guide on how to recreate the episode at home?

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