Thor: Ragnarok trailer offers LEGO hints

‘Yeeesss! We know each other! He’s a friend from work.’ Marvel has dropped their teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, and we get a first glimpse at gladiatorial Hulk.

The LEGO Group will be releasing sets in conjunction with the November movie, which is the third standalone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe set around Thor.

However, beyond the types of leaks that we don’t report on, we’ve not yet had a look at what to expect from the sets, with their ‘appearance’ at the early-year toy fairs being limited to plain grey boxes.

Thor’s new look debuted a couple of weeks ago, and today’s trailer offers further indications of what LEGO fans may be able to expect, including a helmet for the eponymous star, and a new design for Hulk, in gladiator gear.

The music, setting and humour in this trailer all hint towards a very Guardians of the Galaxy feel, don’t you think? Will this translate into the LEGO sets? And most importantly, will we be getting a LEGO Jeff Goldblum?

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