Three new LEGO Marvel sets out now in the US

A modular building, a buildable character and a great big glove: these are the three brand new LEGO Marvel sets now available to buy in the US.

If that sounds like an eclectic line-up, it’s because it is. Between 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum, 76217 I am Groot and 76223 Nano Gauntlet, the LEGO Marvel theme is prioritising variety above all else this month, and it’s paying dividends for the rest of us. All three of these sets are likely to prove popular, though, so don’t delay if you want them as soon as possible.

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While 76217 I am Groot has been available in the UK since early June, this is the first time US fans have been able to pick it up. A frustrating wait, for sure – but one that will have been totally worth it, as you can discover in our detailed review. The buildable figure is packed with charm and character, offers an engaging build and ultimately delivers one of the ‘unmissable LEGO sets of 2022’ (so say we all).

76218 Sanctum Sanctorum, meanwhile, marks the realisation of what we all dreamed of in the wake of 76178 Daily Bugle: an annual Marvel modular building, designed to connect seamlessly with not only last summer’s Spidey skyscraper, but the wider Modular Buildings Collection (including 10278 Police Station and 10297 Boutique Hotel).

Finally, 76223 Nano Gauntlet offers a more muted take on last summer’s record-breaking 76191 Infinity Gauntlet. Pop them on your shelf side by side, and imagine the power of the universe coursing through your veins. (Or at least your LEGO room.)

Here’s a quick look at all three LEGO Marvel sets available in the US (and worldwide) from today, including prices and piece counts.

Set namePricePiecesMinifigures
76217 I am Groot£44.99 / $54.99 / €49.99476N/A
76218 Sanctum Sanctorum£214.99 / $249.99 / €249.992,7089
76223 Nano Gauntlet£59.99 / $69.99 / €69.99675N/A

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