#ThrowbackThursday – 6267 Eldorado Fortress

Morning fellow Brick Fanatics, it’s Thursday and time to look back at passed LEGO sets. It’s nice to see our #ThrowbackThursday feature that we have been doing since 2014 getting picked up by other sites. It’s great to read others sharing their thoughts on past sets. Keith will be back again soon with more trips down Memory Lane and scans of old catalogues and other LEGO memorabilia from the past.

Last week I spoke about Ramp & Pit baseplates, this weeks I want to talk about the first of two Pirates sets I owned that include this iconic baseplate. The first set from 1989 and for me still the best Fortress set ever!!. I don’t say that lightly but LEGO have not come any where close to making such an awesome base since IMO. The set I’m talking about is none other then 6267 Eldorado Fortress, this was the ultimate base for Redbeard and his crew to attack. It came with two rotating canons, a dock, prison. The white and yellow colour scheme really worked well on the island bases. I had many a sea battle between the island and Black Seas Barracuda. I never did own the Caribbean Clipper so it was all about defending the island from the Pirate attack.


I can’t remember the retail price back in 1989 but to get a MISB these days expect to pay upwards of £500. When I came out of my dark age, I started to re-collect my old Pirate sets but the experience wasn’t as good the second time round so never got round to the large sets as I didn’t want to spoil a highlight of my childhood.

So did you own this set, can you remember the other builds that were on the box? This topic here was one of the first I remember reading coming out my dark age when someone revisited and made a modern version of the Fortress, even now its so cool.




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