#ThrowbackThursday Wright Flyer from 2003

Time for another trip back in time to look at a classic LEGO set. For the latest pick I have gone back to 2003, the year I met my wife. I was still very much in my dark age so a lot of sets around this time I’ve never had the pleasure of building.  This was year you could get NBA sets, Creator was having a golden year and Star Wars was still pretty much churning out new never seen before sets, such as the first Jabbas Palace. LEGO City was still a pipe dream instead we was stuck with the dreadful World City……

We still have classic themes like LEGO Adventures, plus the very underrated Discovery them  and Bionicle could do no wrong. Out of everything released that year, the set I would like to own even now is 10124: Wright Flyer the only advanced model released that year.


Priced at a very reasonable £49.99 it came with 670 pieces. I love my Sopwith Camel and would love to see more classic planes made into LEGO and adding this earlier set would be a good place to start. The model is just stunning in tan and  brown. To buy one now in MISB you would need to spend over £200 but I do think it is a highly underrated advanced model and I think most AFOLS don’t know about it, hence why the price of this set has not sky rocketed over the years. A 2nd hand one you can grab for a reasonable £90+


However you could not Bricklink it unless you had a spare Technic, Liftarm 1 x 6 Thin in brown as you need one and no one is selling any on Bricklink, plus you need 14 Technic, Link 1 x 9 at 50p each!

Is this a set you own, let us know in the comments below.


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