Trailer launches for Unity’s LEGO Microgame platform

A new trailer has been shared for LEGO Microgame, an accessible way to make video game levels with authentic digital LEGO elements.

LEGO Microgame was launched from Unity back in September, but now the program is stepping out of beta and into a full launch. It promises to make creating video games simple, even for total beginners – apparently it takes only 45 minutes to produce a level.

Here is an excerpt from the official announcement:

On October 26, Unity will release its first-ever Microgame created with LEGO Games. For some, the thought of taking your first steps into the world of video game creation can be overwhelming, but with the new LEGO Microgame, fans can use the familiar LEGO System in Play to help them construct their first game experience.

There’s even BrickLink compatibility, the LEGO Group’s answer to ebay, so that those who have MOCs on the platform can bring the into their game. For those who don’t have an extensive digital MOC library, there are plenty of pre-builds already in the software.

Once fans have made their game, they can share it via social media to allow other LEGO fans to play through it.

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