Turkish Airlines gets brand boost from The LEGO Movie in-flight video

Turkish Airlines has explained that the recent in-flight safety video using The LEGO Movie characters helps to bolster the company’s brand.

The recent release of a new in-flight safety video from Turkish Airlines, using the characters from the LEGO cinematic brick bucket, has created plenty of buzz online, leading to the Drum looking into why airlines are putting more effort into the traditionally dry airline safety video.

Air New Zealand kicked off a trend of upgrading the quality of in-flight videos back in 2009, with other airlines such as British Airways following suit with a recent Comic Relief link up. Turkish Airlines linked up with Warner Bros. and the LEGO Group as the airline is now competing with other global brands.

“Turkish Airlines aims to keep with the trends, and to collaborate with celebrities and content creators that help us distinguish our content from the other,” Seda Kalyoncu, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, told the Drum. “As the airline that flies to more countries than any other, collaborating with global brands such as Warner Bros. and LEGO also contributes positively to our brand image and strengthens our position and prestige as one of the leading global airline brands.”

Airline marketing expert Shashank Nigam warns in the article about airlines going too far and missing the point of these videos. “Think about the business traveller that’s flying once a week – they have to watch that same video again and again. It’s not funny after the second time. You have a fine balance where it needs to be on brand and humorous, and yet not annoy your most important customers. That’s where someone like Air New Zealand and Turkish Airlines win, because they update their safety travel videos quite regularly, so they never really get old.”

Incorporating the safety aspect is of course key, and Turkish Airlines were deeply involved with the production process, ensuring that the visibility and clarity of the safety messages was appropriate throughout.

As long as safety messages are covered and the video is creating buzz on the ground, it is unlikely that the airlines will move away from this growing trend.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will be released in February 2019.


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