Two LEGO Marvel Eternals sets have had a price change

Following the official reveal of the LEGO Marvel Eternals sets, it has been discovered that a pair of them have been subject to a change in price. 

When the Eternals models were first shown in a consumer catalogue towards the end of 2021, the regional prices of each were also revealed. For example, 76156 Rise of the Domo was first listed with a cost of $89.99 in the US. 

However, the official announcement from Yahoo Entertainment has a different price for this build. According to the exclusive reveal, 76156 Rise of the Domo will now cost $99.99, making for a $10 price increase from 2021.  

LEGO Marvel Eternals Yahoo 76166 Rise of the Domo contents

Despite this, no notable changes to the set itself can be seen, and it still features the same 1,040 pieces that it did when it was first discovered in the catalogue. No added minifigures or models can be seen in either the ship or Deviant antagonists

The reason for this price increase is unknown as almost every other Marvel Eternals set has kept the original cost that was assigned to it in the consumer catalogue. The only exception to this is 76154 Deviant Ambush, which has been lowered to $19.99 from $24.99. 

We’ll have to see how the regional prices are affected by this, as some other versions of the catalogue revealed UK and Canadian costs for the LEGO Marvel Eternals models too. No release date has been revealed for them yet, but a listing on the official online store is likely near with the film due to launch on November 5.

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