Two new Batmobiles and Batman Cowl available now at

Three brand new LEGO Batman sets are now available at, and there’s something for everyone in the mix.

If you’re buying for a younger fan (or happen to be the only four-year-old reader of Brick Fanatics), 76180 Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase should fill that need nicely, with two funky vehicles, three superhero minifigures and a poorly-guarded safe to act as a McGuffin for story-driven play.

Older fans looking for a more involved build experience – but one still anchored around some groovy minifigures – should instead look to 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile, which offers a more accessible version of probably the most iconic Batmobile than 76052 Batman Classic TV Series Batcave.

LEGO Batman 76180 Batman vs. The Joker Batmobile Chase

Finally, Bat-fans keen on a solely display model will be able to build a replica of the Caped Crusader’s headgear in 76182 Batman Cowl, which takes the daring decision of filling in the gap where Bruce Wayne’s head would be with a translucent panel element.

That’s not to say we’re trying to pigeonhole anyone, of course – maybe you want all three of these sets, or maybe none of them tickle your fancy. (There’s plenty more new today at to tempt you if that is the case.) Or maybe you’re an older fan who just wants 76180 Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase for that great Batgirl minifigure. We’re not judging! The Bat-world is your Bat-oyster.

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