There are now two new LEGO brand store sets for 2022

With the reveal of 40574 LEGO Brand Store, there are now two 2022 LEGO store models, one of which is easier to find the other.

40574 LEGO Brand Store was recently revealed on the official online store. The set will be available for everyone starting on August 1. However, another LEGO store build was revealed late in 2021, with 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store only being available at grand openings of the shops.

At first glance, the decision to have two LEGO store sets in circulation at the same time might not make much sense. However, there are several key differences between these models. For one, 40574 LEGO Brand Store is minifigure-scale while 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store is of a smaller scale.

Inside the builds, 40574 LEGO Brand Store integrates many features of the new ‘retailtainment’ experience that is coming to many LEGO stores. However, 40528 LEGO Brand Retail Store takes this one step further with giant models and the brick-built tree that features in flagship stores.

These differences help each model to stand out compared to the other and the fact that only 40574 LEGO Brand Store is available for purchase directly will likely help differentiate the two as well.

Technically, a third was also available in the form of 910009 Modular LEGO Store from the BrickLink Designer Program, but that was only available as a limited pre-order and it was designed by a fan so whether it counts towards the total of LEGO store sets in 2022 is up to you.

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