UK home of Star Wars toys honoured with plaque

The former Palitoy factory, the UK home of Star Wars toys, is being commemorated with a green plaque noting the site’s historical significance.

A green plaque, noting historical significance, is being installed at the site where the Palitoy factory stood in Coalville. The company produced Star Wars action figures for the UK market under licence from Kenner during the 1970s and 1980s.

Expert in all things Palitoy, Dave Tree, reports the news at Fanthatracks along with a few photos from the vintage days:

The Green Plaque was first nominated by Bob Brechin, former Chief Palitoy Designer and creator of the famous Death Star Cardboard Playset, said;

“It is 80 years since Palitoy toys were first made in Coalville, I thought the famous toy company should be celebrated with a green plaque at this special time.”

The plaque has been unveiled today at Coalville Business Park, which now stands on the site of the former factory.

The cardboard Kenner Death Star play set has certainly had an influence on the LEGO Star Wars Death Star release, as well as the broader impact the vintage toy line still has on modern Star Wars merchandise.


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