Unikitty! Sparkle Party on DVD today in the US

The first part of Unikitty! Season One is out now in the USA on DVD, titled Sparkle Party.

One of the animated LEGO TV shows on Cartoon Network this year has been Unikitty!, which makes its debut on DVD in the USA today. Sparkle Party, also known as Season One Part One, features 20 of the 10 minute episode that make up the series.

The ten episodes spread across two discs are:

Spoooooky Game
Sparkle Matter Matters
No Day Like Snow Day
Action Forest
Kaiju Kitty
Fire and Nice
Rock Friend
Kitchen Chaos
Crushing Defeat
Wishing Well
Hide N’ Seek
Stuck Together
Little Prince Puppycorn
Pet Pet
Kitty Court
Birthday Blowout
Lab Cat
The Zone
Too Many Unikitties
Unikitty News

Unikitty! has a fun mix of colourful visuals that will appeal to young viewers, with a dark and subversive undertone that will amuse parents. The voice cast includes Tara Strong, Kate Micucci, Roger Craig Smith and Grey Griffin.

LEGO Unikitty! sets are available now at shop.LEGO.com.


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