Unleash Your Nexo Power with Nexo Knights

If you don’t happen to live anywhere near a LEGO Brand Store and have been trying to track down some of the new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS sets, then it’s time to rejoice. The range of sets are slowly appearing in stores across the UK with both Tesco Direct and Toys R Us officially stocking the range of sets from the newest LEGO theme. Along with a collection of playsets, you’ll also find a range of collectibles known as Ultimate. These feature an exclusive minifigure along with 3 Nexo Powers and various accessories.

It would seem some sets will only be available at certain retailers, with Tesco carrying set 70324 Merlock’s Library 2.0 as an exclusive according to their website.

After building a couple of the sets myself I can say I’m completely sold. I was a little unsure at first but I can now see this being just as popular as Ninjago. From an AFOL perspective, the theme brings a lot of new elements and plenty of re-coloured pieces. The sets are packed with cool play features and the storyline is interesting too. I just hope after the initial launch period, LEGO supports it a little better than they did with Ultra Agents.


Hi I'm Adam, the gaming guru here at the good ship Brick Fanatics. I've been a fan of gaming and LEGO for many years. So you can imagine my delight when the two joined forces. First LEGO set I ever owned was the LEGO King's Castle. I'm also Games Expert and contributor for Bricks Magazine.


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