Unlock the secrets behind LEGO Overwatch with the Bits N’ Bricks podcast

The latest episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast explores how the LEGO Group and Blizzard teamed up for LEGO Overwatch.

It’s the 15th episode of the officially-sanctioned podcast, which has been launched by the LEGO Group to celebrate 25 years of LEGO video games. That’s far and beyond the original billing, which indicated the series would run for just 10 episodes.

We have a litany of previously-unannounced one-off specials to thank for that, including conversations with the LEGO Friends, Minifigures and Ideas teams, and an extra episode focusing on LEGO Universe’s soundtrack.

This week’s ep wasn’t mentioned in the original announcement either, but it’s a very welcome surprise for fans of LEGO Overwatch. The video game-inspired theme went AWOL in 2020, but word is that it’s coming back later this year – and Bits N’ Bricks’ new focus on Overwatch may lend some credence to that rumour.

Whatever becomes of the theme in future, you can learn a little more about its past – including how it came about, and the relationship between video games and the LEGO brand – by hitting play on the video above, or seeking out the Bits N’ Bricks podcast on your preferred streaming service.

We’d like to tell you that next week’s episode will finally focus on Strategic Project Unit Darwin, several weeks after originally intended, but at this stage it’s practically impossible to predict what the Bits N’ Bricks team will throw our way. For now, we’re just enjoying the ride.

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Chris Wharfe

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