Upcoming LEGO CITY Jungle sets unveiled

LEGO CITY has taken many interesting turns that seem to dispute the title of the theme, including expeditions to the arctic and volcanic mountains, and now the jungle joins this range of locations. This new subtheme seems to have a somewhat Adventurers or Indiana Jones vibe, with temples, dangers and crashed aeroplanes all featuring. New moulded big cats will have fans of LEGO animals excited, otherwise these are the typically vehicle based Summer sets that AFOLs expect.

The Brothers Brick has shared these images of the new sets from New York Toy Fair.

60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission, 378 pieces, SRP $39.99


60160 Jungle Mobile Lab, 426 pieces, SRP $59.99

60161 Jungle Exploration Site, 813 pieces, SRP $119.99



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