Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting is being turned into an official LEGO Ideas set

Truman Cheng’s Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night project has been selected for release as an official LEGO Ideas set in the second 2020 review.

It’s the only one of the record 35 projects up for consideration to get the green light, with every other build rejected at the final hurdle. That means we won’t be getting LEGO sets based on Community, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Portal 2 any time soon.

You will soon be able to paint your own version of Vincent van Gogh’s famous The Starry Night, however, using LEGO bricks as your medium. Unlike the flat mosaics of the LEGO Art theme, Cheng’s model uses a mix of traditional bricks to create a three-dimensional impression of the iconic painting.

Art is a theme which we have only recently ventured into through something like the LEGO Art series, but Truman’s creation is a unique interpretation,” explained LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen. “[That’s] through both his choice of reference – which of course is one of the world’s most famous paintings and painters – but also through the unique building techniques he’s used to recreate the beautiful brush strokes in LEGO bricks.”

The original project uses 1,552 pieces and includes a minifigure of the revered artist, but we don’t yet know in what form those elements will carry over to the finished product. Some Ideas sets transition from concept to reality with minimal changes, while others are often completely overhauled.

“Our review board were just wowed when they saw this submission,” said Kate Jarupakorn, Associate Marketing Manager at the LEGO Group. “I am very curious to see how the final set turns out.”

This wasn’t the only 10K project Cheng had in the second 2020 review, but like the rest of the builds in this round, his LEGO Doggo proposal has unfortunately been rejected (presumably because it’s too similar to the recent LEGO BrickHeadz Pets set 40440 German Shepherd).

As part of this review results announcement, the Ideas team also revealed that Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone has been approved for production. That means there’s currently a staggering nine Ideas sets in the pipeline, with 21326 Winnie the Pooh reportedly up next.

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