VIP Weekend LEGO 5006291 2×4 Teal Brick review

Free with purchases of £200 or $200 across the LEGO VIP Weekend, 5006291 2×4 Teal Brick is a smart, unique gift for the most dedicated LEGO fan.

 A week ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the LEGO Group is running a promotional VIP Weekend across November 21 and 22. More details can be found on our UK-specific and US-specific Black Friday pages.

Alongside offering double VIP points on all purchases and a free 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute set with purchases of £150 / $150 or more while stocks last, also available will be a limited edition 5006291 2×4 Teal Brick set free with purchases of £200 / $200 or more, while stocks last.

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Continuing on from last year’s promotional red brick, the teal brick is the same larger scale recreation of a 2×4 LEGO brick, complete with stand, and this time in teal. Whilst 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute will be available also over the Black Friday weekend, it is important to note that 5006291 2×4 Teal Brick won’t be.

That exclusivity and anticipated highly limited stock are two of the main draws to a set that is otherwise valued at just £11.99 / $11.99. That simplicity works both ways, and whilst it may seem light on value, ultimately it’s a smart build in a vibrant colour, and it does look great on display. It will tick enough boxes for the most dedicated of LEGO fans, which most VIPs probably are…

Most importantly, if you are really targeting picking up 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute with any purchase of £150 / $150 or more, then an additional £50 / $50 to pick this up too represents far better value than specifically spending £200 / $200 just for this. That 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute is at that lower threshold over the same VIP Weekend is a smart compromise from the LEGO Group.

5006291 2×4 Teal Brick is a free gift with purchases of £200 / $200 or more, and is only available during the VIP Weekend at and only while stocks last.

Purchases of £150 / $150 or more during VIP Weekend (November 21-22) and Black Friday weekend (November 27-30) will receive a free copy of 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute, while stocks last. Read our review of that promotional set here.

5006291 2×4 Teal Brick was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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