Voltron races to 10k on LEGO Ideas

The amazing Voltron project has raced to 10k in almost record time but not quick enough to reach the first review stage, missing the deadline by 24 hours. Instead this project becomes the first project to go into the second review stage of 2016. We only featured this project on 24/4 and it was only half way, so to achieve another 5,000 in just over a week is very impressive and is down to the social media buzz surrounding the project as all the geek/comic book sites etc have jumped all over this project.

Not only does len_d69’s creation look spot-on, it’s actually assembled from five smaller LEGO lions that transform and combine to form the 41cm tall robot that weighs in at around 1kg. Any smaller and all the wonderful detailing just wouldn’t come through.

Now we have to wait to see how it does in the review stage.


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