Warner Bros.’s The Flash movie is still on track with Ezra Miller

The DC Comics Flash movie (starring Ezra Miller) is scheduled to release next year, suggesting any tie-in LEGO sets will be unaffected.

Due to hit cinemas in 2023, The Flash is a highly anticipated entry in the DC Extended Universe film series. Starring Ezra Miller in the title role (following his appearances in titles like Suicide Squad and Justice League) the film marks the character’s debut as the lead in a live-action movie.

As such, it’s a highly exciting event for DC Comics fans – albeit one marred by the actions of its lead star. As reported by Variety, Ezra Miller has been arrested or taken into custody on multiple occasions for harassment and disorderly conduct. Two residents of Hawaii have also filed a temporary restraining order against the actor, although this was dropped at a later date.

From that perspective, Warner Bros. is sticking with Ezra Miller out of necessity. The Flash movie is simply too far along in production for the role to be recast, and costs too much to be scrapped altogether. However, that doesn’t mean Ezra Miller couldn’t be replaced in future Flash movies – especially as there have been several different characters to bear the Flash mantle in the comic books.

With the film’s release so far out, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the LEGO Group has kept mum on any tie-in LEGO sets. However, a Romanian retailer did reveal details of a possible tie-in called 76221 Batmobile: Flash Tracking. This suggests a new brick-built version of the Burton-era Batmobile is on the cards, especially since Michael Keaton is believed to be reprising his role as Batman for the film.

Could the LEGO Group cancel the release of any tie-in sets for this film? It’s possible, but highly unlikely. While the LEGO Group has recently cancelled releases in the CITY and Overwatch lines, DC Comics-related merchandise is relatively more desirable. As such, if Warner Brothers are willing to continue as planned, it seems the LEGO Group will be as well.

(Header image: Warner Bros)

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