WATCH: 5 LEGO sets cheaper than Table Football but with more pieces

Do you rate value by price per piece? Here are five LEGO sets that get you more bits per buck than 21337 Table Football.

The new 21337 Table Football set has attracted plenty of attention for a variety of reasons. It has a huge range of minifigure elements, allowing you to build an almost infinite range of footballers, with differing hairstyles and skin tones. It’s… noticeably different from the original Fan designed submission, having lost six players per team, changed colour and shrunk quite a lot.

And then there’s the price. These days, £214.99 isn’t news when it comes to the cost of a LEGO set, but looking at what you get in the box, more than a few people will be doing some mental arithmetic as regards value and coming up with a number that they don’t much like.

We’ll need to wait until we’ve reviewed the set until we can make an informed judgement on whether it’s a fair price or not, but if you like the ready reckoner of ‘Price per piece’ as a guide, then here are five sets that – on paper at least – look to be marginally better value. Just click on the YouTube link below and we’ll give you all the consumer advice you need in less than 60 seconds.

If TikTok is more your thing, then we’ve got you covered. Click below to watch our video, on your phone, while you’re on the move. Just watch out for lampposts.


5 LEGO cheaper than Table Football but with more pieces

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