WATCH: Is Bluey a good choice for LEGO Ideas?

A Bluey project hit 10,000 supporters in just three days on LEGO Ideas, but that might not mean it’s the ideal choice for a future LEGO Ideas set. 

LEGO Ideas hasarguably become an 18+ theme with many of its most recent models receiving the higher age rating and seemingly targeting an older audience with challenging builds. As some comments have pointed out, that might make Bluey a less than ideal option for a LEGO Ideas set. 

In our latest YouTube and TikTok short, we discuss what might be the best option for a Bluey LEGO set and how LEGO Ideas has a precedent for child-focused franchises receiving 18+ models. 

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Bluey is part of the second 2022 LEGO Ideas review that ends very soon. You can find the most recent summary of submissions in the round by clicking here

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