WATCH: Brick Fanatics Still Needs You!

If you can handle a camera, understand video editing software and know your BURP from your SNOT then Brick Fanatics wants to hear from you.

Brick Fanatics, the go-to site for LEGO news on the web, is looking for experienced video content creators to join the team. If you know that a BURP is a Big Ugly Rock Piece, SNOT means Studs Not On Top and STAMP (Stickers Across Multiple Pieces) is basically heresy, you could be just the person we’re after. If you know how to use a video camera, or one of those new-fangled wireless telephones then you’re almost certainly the person we’re after.   

Want to know more? Then just click on the YouTube video below.

If you’re too young to know what YouTube is, and all your video content is consumed via TikTok, then fear not, for we have that too. Just click below for more details on what we’re looking for.


Brick Fanatics Still Needs You!

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