WATCH: There’s a special cat in LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorised Lighthouse

LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorised Lighthouse is filled with details including a cave, a new Fresnel lens brick and even a particularly special cat. 

For 2022, LEGO CITY introduced a new kitten element, closely matching the design of the larger cat brick. However, it has been mostly limited to LEGO CITY so far, appearing otherwise only in 10306 Atari 2600

For older audiences not familiar enough with the Atari 2600 to want the new LEGO ICONS model, there’s now another opportunity to get this kitten as it makes another appearance in 21335 Motorised Lighthouse and one other LEGO Ideas set. You can find out more about this cat cameo by watching our new YouTube short embedded below.

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LEGO Motorised Lighthouse has a very special cat

? original sound – brickfanatics

21335 Motorised Lighthouse launches on September 1, 2022, for £264.99 / $299.99 / €299.99 with 21336 The Office following one month later and also including the new kitten element for £104.99 / $119.99 / €119.99. 

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