WATCH: LEGO Star Wars 75337 AT-TE Walker is available in the US, but for how long?

Following agonising delays, LEGO Star Wars 75337 AT-TE Walker is finally available in the US – the only question now is, for how long?

Already sold out in the UK and Europe, the latest Revenge of the Sith set – and the only one to ever feature the long-requested Phase II Commander Cody minifigure – is clearly going down well with LEGO Star Wars fans. But those in the US have had to be especially patient for the 1,082-piece walker, which was delayed from its August 1 release date owing to unspecified ‘delivery challenges’.

It finally launched at yesterday, but by this morning had already shifted to back order status, with new orders shipping by September 16 – or a month from now. Our latest YouTube short runs through the entire story so far, and even keys into why 40515 Pirates and Treasure VIP Add-On Pack – currently free to VIP members with orders above £50 / $50 / €50 – may actually be relevant for LEGO Star Wars collectors.

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LEGO AT-TE is now available in the US, but for how long?

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75337 AT-TE Walker is available now in the US, but for how much longer it’s impossible to say. Our money is on remaining stock selling through quickly, so act fast if you want to ensure you get a copy as early as possible. (Even if that is in September.)

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