WATCH: LEGO Commander Cody is back and better than ever

Take a closer look at the long awaited Commander Cody and let’s see what the well-dressed Clone Trooper-about-town is wearing these days.

August 1 sees the release of 75337 LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Walker, a great set, as you can read in our review. But for many Star Wars fans, the most important thing about it is the return of Commander Cody in minifigure form. And for the first time, he’s wearing Phase Two armour. If you can’t wait until August for a look at the new minifigure, and let’s face it – who can? – then come with us as we check out the Commander’s new armour in less than 60 seconds.

Like your video old-skool? Then click below for our YouTube update. Bring your shades though, because that orange visor is bright.

If you’re down with the kids and prefer to gets your video TikTok style, well we’ve got you covered there too. Just hit the link below and find out what we think of the new print for the boss of the 212th.


LEGO Commander Cody is back and better than ever

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75337 LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Walker is available from August 1, 2022, has 1,082 pieces and will cost £119.99/$139.99/€139.99.

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