WATCH: The new LEGO VIP lunchbox is destined to be a new kind of collectable

Retro lunchboxes are a recognisable icon of an era gone by and now the LEGO Group is keen to get in the action with the latest LEGO VIP reward.

The latest VIP reward coming in September 2022 has been announced as a retro lunchbox and it might be destined to become a brand-new type of collectable for the LEGO VIP program. Though only one has been confirmed at the time of writing, the design of this reward opens the doors for other classic artwork and homages to other themes in the future. However, this isn’t the first LEGO lunchbox.

You’ll be able to pick up this reward from September 1 for 2,500 points in all regions except Mexico and you can find out more about this product and what it could lead to in the future by watching our latest YouTube short by clicking above. You’re welcome to subscribe for more LEGO videos in the future too 

Not quite as retro as YouTube, that same video is also available on TikTok and we’ve got a catalogue of past shorts to watch through on that platform too. 


Will this LEGO lunchbox be the next must-have collectable?

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The LEGO VIP retro Tin Lunchbox will be available soon alongside dozens of new LEGO sets, including the latest range of LEGO Advent Calendars, including the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Advent Calendar

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